Sunday, April 13, 2003    


Why I love scrapbooking

By:Heather Summers -

Scapbooking has been a hobby of mine for some time now. It has become a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of my day. It has given me a creative way to recreate important events in my life. I am always finding new ways to share the memories that I tresure most.Scapbooking has intoduced me to new people who share a common intrest. This hobby has given me a chance to socialize and make new friends.

Scapbooking has also been a creative alternative to traditional presents on special occasions. I am in the process of creating a special scapbook for my best friend. She has a birthday coming up. I decided to make a special scrapbook depicting special events in her life up to her 23rd birthday. I feel that this will be be a true testament to our friendship. I feel that this gift is far more meaningful than any gift that could be bought off the shelf.

I also began compiling a scapbook for my boyfriend. He has been a firfighter for seven years. He has a collection of newspaper clippings and pictures that have never been organized.I have since helped him remember those exciting and trying times in his career by creating a scapbook. I was glad that I could give him a way to record his memories in an occupation that is so important to him.

I think that scapbooking is extemely important. It goes beyond the boudaries of tradition photo albums. I tend to me a very sentimental individual. I think find it important to record those special events in our lives, so we are able to see were we have been. It is a way to share our finest memories with our children and grandchildren. Scrapbooking provides a porthole into the past that we can vist ever time we turn the pages.

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