Saturday, April 14, 2001    


Scrapbooking has changed my life

By:T Schapiro

Once upon a time, I had a life. I had time to do my dishes, my laundry, and clean my house. I had time to go to the library, do carpool, and bake cookies. My carpets were vacuumed, and my children were fed.

Then a new hobby came into my life. I now have dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and cobwebs along my walls. I haven't read a book in months, my kids walk home and must stop at the bakery for a cookie. I have not seen my vacuum cleaner in months, and the takeout guy is my new best friend!

I do, however, have a large collection of treasures in the form of scrapbook albums. I am the envy of the neighbors, the star among my friends. I am the creative goddess on the block! (who knew!)

Ever since I picked up a scrapbook magazine, I have found my calling. Snips and scraps, punches and paper, all family photographs are now lovingly placed inside my books. Where I used to have piles and piles of shoeboxes full of pictures, I now have family albums to be treasured for all future generations. Every memory is recorded for life. My children and I have bonded in ways we never have before.

I may not have the cleanest house on the block (!!!) but I certainly have the happiest!

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