Saturday, April 15, 2000    


The importance of Scrapbooking

By:Lesia, Arab, AL

The importance of scrapbooking is in direct proportion to the importance of one's family. The main purpose of scrapbooking is the preservation of our family's history, accomplishments, and fun times.

Going through my old stash from my college days, I discovered I was a scrapbooker. I have an old scrapbook that starts when college started. I has my history as a freshman pledging my social club, as a sophomore choosing a little sister, as a junior settling down, and as a senior getting ready to go into the real worls (while still playing a lot). I eventually plan to redo this scrapbook into safe pages, but I will redo it exactly as it looks now. That book shows who I was then.

Now, my scrapbooks focus on my family. They will show our family when it was only 2 adults and the 4-legged kids. They will progress and show how our family changed to 2 adults welcoming a third person, our firstborn. Then, the family will change to become 4 by welcoming our second born.

Our memories fade, and the stories behind the pictures fade with that memory, but scrapbooks will still be there, when my grandchildren want to know what their Daddy looked like as a baby.

My pictures and their stories are the importance of scrapbooking.

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