Monday, April 17, 2000    


Why I love scrapbooking


I love scrapbooking because it gives me a chance to exercise my creativity by planning page layouts. It also appeals to the part of me that loves writing. And as I have fun creating pages with rubber stamps, die cuts, punches, templates, and so on, I also have a sense that I am creating something that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

I enjoy scrapbooking because it lets me develop as a creative person. My first scrapbook pages have evolved into stronger layouts with better focus and better selection of page accents. I have learned so much about choosing colors and focal points and punch art and shading by scrapbooking.

I also enjoy scrapbooking for the social aspect. It's fun to share pages with friends and family. I love the comments I get from people when they read the journalling on my pages.

Although I started out as a stamper, I am now spending much more of my time scrapbooking. I still enjoy making the occasional stamped card, but I am now more inclined to spend my free hours working on scrapbook pages because I feel like I am making something which will be treasured for many years to come.

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