Tuesday, April 17, 2001    


Why I Love Scrapbooking

By:bennie, Murray, UT

I began scrapbooking a number of years ago. The longer I have been scrapping, the more I find I enjoy it. But why? The question of ‘why I scrapbook’ made me stop and think of the real reasons behind this hobby of mine. I decided my reasons for scrapbooking are three-fold; first, it is my creative outlet, second, I want to preserve and enjoy my photos and memories and third, it has provided me some great social opportunities.

I have always enjoyed making things. I have made things for my home, for gifts, for holidays and etc. I have done all sorts of crafts: stitchery, painting, woodwork, sewing, quilting and so on. When I was introduced to scrapbooking I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. For me it is an opportunity to use many elements of the other crafts I also enjoy. It has provided me with a “creative outlet”; a way to create something using my own personal tastes and preferences. There are so many different mediums to use, such as stickers, die cuts, paper, twine, buttons and ribbon. There are also artist creations such as paper piecing, punch art, torn art and paper dolls. With so many options I feel limitless in ideas to keep creating and recreating pages that I don’t get bored with it very easily. I so much enjoy the time spent working my scrapbook projects and I generally love the results. For me scrapbooking is a way to utilize my creativity. It also helps me fulfill the need to express this creativity and energy without having to redecorate the whole house every few months.

I am not a very organized person. Had it not been for scrapbooking, I am afraid my precious photos and mementos would be tossed in a box in hopes that someday I would get to them. Having found the craft in scrapbooking has saved my pictures and memories; things that would have otherwise been lost to time and neglect, and perhaps even damage. How many stories would have been lost to memory because they weren’t written down? I know for a fact many would have. Being that I enjoy scrapbooking for the craft aspect, those stories have been saved, the photos have been preserved, and the albums have been treasured. I have come to value keeping my family’s history and am thrilled that I can do it in a way that I find so enjoyable.

I am a bit of a social bug, and scrapbooking has given me opportunities to get together with and meet others. Because scrapping is enjoyed by many people, you can’t go to a crop or a scrapbook class without getting together with a group. And since everybody’s talking about it- it is easy to find places for ideas, inspiration, and advise online. Scrappers are generally wonderful people, so these gatherings are often really fun for me. As a stay at home mom, much of my day passes without much adult conversation. Scrapping has given me opportunities to get out and make new friends. Currently I have a crop club that meets monthly to crop and at least weekly to just visit. In addition, I have really enjoyed visiting my favorite scrapbook website, dmarie. The social aspect of scrapbooking has filled the need I have to be in the world around me, get to know others, and make friends.

To sum up, scrapbooking is fulfilling for me in many aspects of my life. I enjoy scrapping because it fills many needs in my life. Scrapbooking helps me with my need to create and craft, be with friends and socialize and most importantly, preserve my family albums with the cherished stories and photographs that are so treasured. Many crafts are trendy and come and go, but I am sure I will be scrapping for many years to come.

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