Wednesday, April 17, 2002    


Why I love scrapbooking

By:Andrea S.

There are many hobbies in the world and many wonderful people, but scrapbooking is the best way I've found to combine both. I love the fact that as we share ideas about our hobby, we learn about each other.

At crops I've sat down next to strangers in the morning and made good friends by the end of the day. As we admire one another's pictures, we share our lives. Usually we start with the good times... the weddings, the births, the sunny days, but eventually we get around to events that have challenged us and even broken our hearts.

When you understand what other people have been through you never see them the same way again. And I think that's what builds community and understanding... the knowledge that we all celebrate and all mourn. I am really grateful to scrapping for giving me not only the opportunity to express myself artistically, but also a great group of folks with whom to share my life.

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