Thursday, April 17, 2003    


What do I like most about

By:Maria aka (Football Widow)


What do I like best about What an interesting question....

I love because once a year it gives me an excuse to write an essay about a subject I love - Scrapbooking. I get to remind myself why I am obsessed. Somehow putting it in print helps me justify and rationalize this investment of time.

I love because it is a scrapbook store I can frequent without hauling out the double stroller. No stairs, skinny aisles, potty breaks, or yelling "put that back" 200 times.

I love because it found me "girlfriends." You know, the type of friends you can talk to about anything. From the embarrassing stuff to the emotional I-can't-deal-with-this-alone sort of stuff.

I love because it was here that I met diane s - you know, the gal who knows everything. Don't believe me? Stop by Chatland some evening. As soon as a question is asked, she can give you a web site with the answer.

I love because I can browse through a multitude of layouts without waiting for the mailman or paying for a yearly subscription - I still have never used that free pair of scissors that magazine used to entice me to subscribe.

I love because I'm losing weight and getting healthy! That seems totally unrelated, but those bulletin boards have a pretty powerful influence.

And most importantly, I love because I really love gift certificates. (Hint, hint)
(Too bad the prizes for this contest are given at random.)

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Why is scrapbooking important, by Karen Donaldson

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