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Ode to Scrapbooking

By:Susan B.

Ode to Scrapbooking
By Susan Bohlen

Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
I love to scrapbook,
It's totally true.

To go through my albums,
In those horrible magnetic pages;
My pictures are screaming,
Get us out of these cages!

As I take them out,
All the memories come back;
Of the feelings and emotions,
Just like a truck, a Mack.

It's fun to redo the pictures,
And put them in order;
And once in a while,
Even add a border.

But, more importantly,
And the thing that matters to me;
Is that the pictures are kept,
For future generations to see.

My grandmother and grandfather,
And daughter and son;
Will be kept safely in my new album,
For others to see they were fun.

For my granddaughter or grandson,
To understand what their ancestors were like;
Is worth all the late nights,
To see me learn to ride my bike.

It's a whole new dimension,
To shop for the supplies,
And the choices are amazing,
Of all the things I want to buy.

It's great to combine
Two hobbies of mine;
Both shopping and photography,
Come together in a line.

So, yes, scrapbooking is important,
It's also a great joy;
To share my family's history,
With my family's future girls and boys.

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