Tuesday, April 18, 2000    


Why Scrapbooking Is Important

By:Jo Guthridge

There are several reasons that I think scrapbooking is so important. The first reason is that I want to preserve the family memories for generations to come. I want them to really know what our life was like. I would have loved to look back at a scrapbook of my mother's or grandmother's to see their like story. They did not keep a scrapbook so that is not an option for me.

The second reason I view scrapbooking as so important is that it strenthens family values. I would not have said that when I first started scrapping two years ago. Since the time I started scrapping my daughters have gotten interested also. We spend time together working on our books. They see all the events that we have done together as a family. I used to hear them complain that we never do anything together. Now they look at the evidence of our family together time and realize that we do alot together. They are getting a glimpse of what life can be for them when the have families of their own.

The third reason scrapbooking is so important is because it is a hobby that keeps our family together. When the kids are bored I remind them of their scrapbooks and they can work on them instead of getting in some kind of trouble.

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