Friday, April 18, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important

By:Karen Donaldson

I scrapbook because I must. There are memories to commit to paper that will otherwise be forgotten. So many details of my first daughter's life were remarkable, once in a lifetime events, but without a record, who will remember? For this, my last child, I will not repeat my mistake. I will write it down, savor it, and pass it on.

As well, there is a need deep in my soul. The demands of a small child make it difficult to carve out time to exercise my creativity, to let it flow and refresh. Scrapbooking is, indeed, an art. One that requires no training, and as little or as many special tools as one might choose. Indeed, with little more than paper, scissors and glue, I am inspired, I dig deep inside myself and I attach portions of my own inner child to a page. I am fulfilled each time I look at my pages. When friends and family look through my pages, and remember with me the moments that comprise them, I know that I have done a good thing.

I would have descendants in future ages to see those pieces of me, to feel that they know me through my own art. Yes, truly, to know our story, but to know my soul as well.

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