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Why I Love Scrapbooking

By:Joy Pruitt

Why I Love to Scrapbook
By Joy Pruitt

What I love about scrap booking is more than I could ever say in an essay, or even a book. Itís a feeling that I have discovered a place to plug in. It fills a part of my life I didnít know needed filling. It brings me joy, happiness, fulfillment, even frustration. But mostly it is satisfying to know I really am working on something worthwhile, and itís so enjoyable it doesnít seem like work at all.

Until I discovered scrap booking, I had no hobby or desire to spend time doing something for me. Now I feel drawn to my desk, to be that little girl who can cut and paste, create without skepticism, to draw with abandon. Itís my passion, outlet; itís my therapy, my meditation. I ponder at night about things that inspired me that day. Was it a billboard? Childrenís book? Newspaper ad? I consider myself a creative person, yet I feel there is lots of room for improvement, and improvement only comes with practice! I love practicing!

I love to look at scrap booking magazines for ideas, and I do use them, except the end product is usually a very watered down version of the originalÖ. but Iím okay with it. Even if I create a page Iím not so hot about, itís done, the history is preserved, and I had fun doing it.

Scrap booking is something my sister and I do together. Itís been a very enriching and bonding experience for both of us. We live in different cities, but still make time to scrap when we are together.

My kids love the albums. They each have their own they work onÖ itís very sweet to see that a 7 and 5 year old boy can find interest in doing a scrapbook.

I love to shop for more ďstuffĒ. I am amazed at how time seems to vaporize while Iím in a scrapbook store, or even at a crop. I consider going to a crop a guaranteed good time, and I always want moreÖmore time to crop, shop, and chatÖlet me throw in ďeatĒ into that scenario. My buds and I are official connoisseurs of Chex Mix and Vanilla Coke. Itís not an inexpensive hobby; it can get quite pricey with all the cool tools, paper, and gadgets to go along with it. No other hobby in my opinion is quite as honorable.

I hope my kids treasure the pictures and stories as much as I treasure the few albums from my pastÖonly instead of fading pictures with no explanation, the story will told too. To me, itís time and money well spent. I love it.

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