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Why is scrapbooking important

By:by tina, south dakota

I started scrapbooking about 2 years ago. I started a book for my youngest son graduation day. I had not looked at pictures for a long time. His brother who would have graduated with him had died 3 years early and it was very hard for me. Once I got started though it became a source of love and healing for me. One to show my son that was graduating and moving on with his life that he was separate person all his own in the family and another to have him remember all the wonderful experiences with his family including his brother who was not here but would have been cheering the loudest when they would have walked down the aisle together. My son was so excited about his book when he got it. We set up a table for graduation which displayed his book and everyone stopped looked at the pictures laughed and remember all the cute things he had done and will continue to do. They commented to him what a great kid he is and got to hear about it. It is hard for people to communicate those feeling but the book seemed to a good ice breaker for them to really tell my son what a great kid he is. What a great surprise and delight this book gave to me. I discovered it helped everyone get through the day with very fond memories.

My daughter is graduating this year the last of my four. She asked for a book for her graduation present. Nothing has made me happier knowing that something that comes from my heart means more to my children than any other present I could give them.

I have done quite a few books since my son's graduation. I did one for each of my sisters and they cried when they got them. This year I did one for each of my sister-in-laws with the same response.

To me scrapbooking is way to perserve the most precious memories that you think will always be there but to my surprise weren't. I am so glad I took picutres of everything my kids did. It is so fun to sit and laugh and remember.

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