Monday, April 2, 2001    


What I like most about

By:Donna D

I love It is almost the only place on the web I make sure I go every day. How can you beat the number of new layout ideas that comes out every single day? There is also so much camaraderie that comes from sharing layouts and posts at such a great website. has been top quality and high caliber since day one. I was one of the very first people to visit and get hooked the day it was born! So I know what I am talking about. I have often shopped at since the shopping option began and have always received great service, selection, value and often a little surprise added to the box. Many times I have been the recipient of a scrapbooker’s, generosity and good ideas. What a great bunch!

I really appreciate Mark and dMarie for their commitment to the site and the good of the all the visitors. A number of years ago I asked if we could have a place where we could set goals, encourage and challenge each other in specific ways. At that time there was one bulletin board at – Picture Talk. Before long, more boards, including the Challenge Board, were born. My friends at the Challenge Board have often inspired and challenged me, as well as encouraged me when I set goals of my own. Since the first During the Week Challenge I ran in 1996 we have reached a Mile High Mark! Over 5280 pages have been scrapbooked during 46 DWC Challenges! Those pages have included over 11,000 photos. You see, by having challenges we have encouraged each other to preserve more than 5200 memories that might otherwise have been lost forever.

So, I can't decide - Is it the people I like most at, or the ideas, or the motivation? The answer is "YES!" It is all three.

Treasure AND SCRAPBOOK your memories while you can. And let give you inspiration when needed. You won’t be sorry.

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