Tuesday, April 2, 2002    


What an escape!

By:Anissa Stringer

As the stay-at-home mother of a very busy two year old who just decided that nap time is no longer necessary, I need every break I can get! As a result, the monthly Scrapbook Saturday event that I attend is a lifesaver!

This Saturday is really the only regular time I get to myself other than a very rare evening "off". Not only do I get to talk to other adults (what a concept!) but I also get to eat a meal of my choice (instead of picking at my daughter's leftovers!) and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet while I indulge my need for creative expression. Scrapbooking Saturday allows me to do all of these things and I just love it!

I started scrapbooking several years before my daughter was born, and all joking aside, love the past-time for itself and not just for the excuse it gives me for a little time to myself. I've always been a "crafty" person and have enjoyed everything from cross-stitch to leather working and quilling. Scrapbooking quickly became my favorite past-time, however, because it allows me the most freedom in expressing myself.

I love to think that my daughter and her children will grow up with some sense of who I am as a person. I especially enjoy imagining them at my age with young children, being facinated by what being a mom was like in the 00's. They will probably look at my color choices on pages and wonder if I really liked those colors or if they were just "in" at the time, like avacado green and gold were when I was a toddler myself! And maybe they will laugh at my terrible handwriting or cry when they learn about some of the sadder moments in my life. No matter what, though, they will know how much I love my family and treasure every minute (even the challenging ones) with my daughter. What other craft can offer that? None but scrapbooking, of course!

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