Tuesday, April 20, 1999    


Scrapbooking For Teenagers

By:Donna M.

I love scrapbooking because it has helped my teenagers know that they are loved! Even when the pimples keep breaking out, your car is so old and so yellow that everyone calls it the sunmobile, you are dealing with HARD courses and teachers who expect perfection...it helps to be loved!

My son who would say he really does not care about scrapbooking, loves to look at his graduation scrapbook and is always eager to see my new pages. When he came back from his senior trip, he had taken many pictures and gave me specific directions about how those layouts should be. No, he'll probably never be a scrapbooker, but those pages are great!

My daughter has celebrated her many years of dance with a scrapbook of recital pictures. Those old costumes that can never be thrown away are all missing a few sequins or feathers to decorate the pages of each year. It is a treasure. And then, this year, when an exchange student came to live with us, she began a scrapbook of her Norwegian sister. Yes, she's addicted and scrapbooking has been something we could do together.

My Norwegian daughter has chronicled her USA trip as well. A treasure! I can't read it, but I know her family will enjoy seeing all the places she went and the people she met when she returns home after eleven months. She's addicted too. Anyone know any scrapbooking shops in Norway?

Scrapbooking has been fun with teens. Someday I'll work my way back to those adorable baby pictures, but for now, I'll enjoy band and prom and all those special teen pictures and time to let my teens know I care...even if I'm not crazy about their shoes and clothes!

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