Thursday, April 20, 2000    


Why bother with scrapbooking?

By:Annette V

I am an older woman who didn't get a camera until after we had our second child. That was the most precious gift that my husband had given me, after marrying me and also having a family with me.
Scrapbooking is something I wish I could of heard of over 20 years ago. Scrapbooking may seem like a lot of work, but I feel that it can also become a part of our family history. I enjoy looking at my pictures and like to tell others why I have this picture. I feel that with scrapbooking, I can write what I feel is important for others to know about the why, where, when, who... of the pictures. This way, I have the information available and do not have to rely on my memory some other time in the future. This way, I feel that it will be more accurate if I do it within a short time of taking that picture. This is the best way in my opinion to help build a family history. It is very pleasant to look in a well done album, where the person has taken the time to do scrapbooking at well. It is the story of our lives.
I very much feel that scrapbooking is important. How often did you visit someone, and all you have is a bunch of pictures with little idea of who is in the picture, what was the reason for this picture and why it seems so important to the other person. With scrapbooking, all that information is available, if you want to know. Being curious, I am one of those people who could spend a large portion of her day looking at these scrapbooks. It becomes an interesting story with interesting pictures that enhance it. Who likes to read entire books without a single picture? I sure don't.
I know that I will now be using scrapbooking for my pictures as much as I possibly can. I want our family to know me and know what has happened at any particular time of the picture taking. I know that I will take more time, but hey, what takes longer to make, is better in the long run. I love to look back and read what I have written. Sometimes I find myself adding a sentence or a few words, here and there throughout the album. I am glad that the future generations of our family will finally have more history with the pictures I will continue to take. I find that I think differently about picture taking. I find that I try to take pictures that will tell a better story. I think that is important in picture taking. I feel that this will be a heritage treasure in the future.
So I really believe that one should take trouble to do scrapbooking for our pictures. They then become treasures for the future generations of our families. They are very pleasant to read and are priceless.

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