Friday, April 20, 2001    



By:~Brandy Ann, Taylorsville, UT

What do I like most about dMarie?

Well, have you ever had a brain melt down while trying to find the perfect saying or poem for your pages? I have, many times. My favorite section on dMarie is the Inspiration section. dMarie makes it so easy to find just the right set of words for my page.

I love sites that have simple to use search engines that make the search less painful. I have never liked going to a site where I have to sift through tons of poems and sayings just to find what I am looking for. Plus, after looking at several hundred, I forget exactly what I am looking for.

I am sure you have run into this problem as well in many cases. I love how the section is divided into two subsections when looking for the perfect phrase. Poems take a lot longer to download and so if I am only looking for a saying it is much nicer to have the increased speed of smaller files. There are many talented people out there who donít seem to have a loss of words and for people like me, it is wonderful to have such talented people share their thoughts on the site.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Connections, by Diane M.

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