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By:Diane M.

I think scrapbooking is important in my life because of the connections it brings. Scrapbooking connects the past, present, and future in a neverending chain of love and life. What was life like then, what is it like now, and, twenty years from now when my son is beginning his adult life, how will life now compare with his expectations? I can look at pictures of my grandmother and her sisters and see part of me. And, I can look at my niece and see my mother all over again.

With scrapbooking, I can tell family stories from the past and build upon the family reunion books my father wrote for twenty years. When I was growing up, my father collected the family history from the 17th century and kept it updated with newspaper articles, stories, and writings of family members. I wany my scrapbooks to mean as much to my children and their future generations as my father's have for our extended family. I want family members to come alive and be part of the heart of future generations. I want my son's children to know his grandparents, my parents, almost as well as he does for they are very special people: good, giving, and generous.

When I look at my child's scrapbook, I can remember the feelings as I watch my child grow and learn. I can develop a layout to reflect who he is, not just what the activity is. I can also embed the values I want him to remember and carry with him as an adult.

Most importantly, I can pay respect to family members who are no longer with us by keeping the essence of who they are alive. Finally, scrapbooking forces me to put balance in my life: to do something I enjoy and that is productive at the same time.

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