Sunday, April 21, 2002    


Scrapbooking why it is important to me!


I find scrapbooking to be an important thing in my life because of the hectic world we live in. I feel I don't have enough time or energy to tell my family enough how much they mean to me.

Through my scrapbooks my family will know that all that time that I was spending on their scrapbooks is my way of telling them that through all the terrible 2's, troubled teens and argumentative adult hood that I was still telling them I love them in my own way. I hope that through their scrapbooks that through the rough times we still never lost hope and through the great times we laughed and enjoyed them.

I want my family to know that no matter how bad things have been or get, that we can make it through, Why? because if you look at all the scrapbooks. We made it through, Family passed on before, Family has gone through hard times before, Family has made it through and so will we. I want to be able to tell my Boys when they are grown that even though the hard times come you can make it through because of all the good times. Look at our albums and see what has happened and you won't loose heart.

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