Tuesday, April 22, 2003    


It's all about family for me.

By:Michelle R.

I instantly fell in love with scrapbooking the minute I found out about it 5 years ago. It was the perfect combination of my love for arts and crafts and creating things and my obsession with photographs. I was able to take my most treasured pictures and create a layout that displayed them with relevant information and design that enhanced the experience of looking at them.

The biggest reason scrapbooking is so important to me though is my family. My mother's parents died when I was only 3 so I do not have very many memories of them and my father's parents had died as well. We did not have any close family members that I knew and through different scrapbooking tools that have led me to ask questions I think I know our family a little better.

Because of growing up without anyone to talk to about family history it is extremely important to me that my son doesn't relive that. I want to give him a sense of who his family is and where he came from. My mother also had a habit of not holding on to things which I resented growing up and not having certain items that would have been of significance to me. So I became a bit of a pack rat and that was disaterous to our house. Now anything that isn't really worth keeping, but that I may be tempted to, I can always scrapbook it and at least have the picture and written memory to keep of it.

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