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Scrapbooking: The quilts of the 21st century

By:Judy V

Scrapbooking is such a wonderful, important hobby. In the 19th and 20th century, people had quilts to tell their story. In the 21st century, we will have scrapbooking.

First, scrapbooking is important because it preserves the not only the history of a family, but the essence of the family as well. Knowing names and relations of family and friends are important and need to be documented, to be sure. However, it is equally important for both parents and children to remember how precious each moment in life is.

Second, scrapbooking is an important art form for self-expression. Self-expression generally involves
documenting and carefully recording the happy times, but includes life's more painful times as well. Such self-expression encourages people to reflect on events and passages in life. By reflecting on what matters in life, it encourages growth: sorting out what is important in life and weighing life's decisions. For some, this is a healing process. For others, it is a continued journey towards
completeness in life.

Third, scrapbooking is bringing young women together again to share, to laugh, and to craft, much like the old quilting bees our grandmothers once knew. This too, is an important part of our culture. One that should be passed on to our daughters.

Finally, scrapbooking is the ultimate art in expressing ones creativity. From simple pictures documented with plain handwriting, to elaborate scrapbooks with meticulous handcrafted features, creativity abounds in heirlooms for our future generations.

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