Monday, April 23, 2001    


Thank you, dMarie!

By:bennie, Murray, UT

I have visited other scrapbooking websites. In fact, the crop club I am in basically stems from a different online site. I have gone to their site a time or two, but I really do prefer dMarie. There are many reasons why, but we donít have all day, so I will stick to just a few. Three of the many reasons that I prefer dMarie are that I prefer the design and format of the site, I enjoy the different boards and the people who come to dMarie are so wonderful.

In coming to dMarie, no matter what board you go to it is easy to find your way around. Everything is clearly marked and explained (when your mouse is over an item) so you know what you are doing and where you are headed. Threads are easy to follow and distinguish because of the color variety between them. In addition, it is simple to follow threads because you can go back to a previous post by simply pressing the ďsee threadĒ button. I became very confused on another site that didnít have this feature because I didnít understand the post, wanted to see previous posts for clarification and couldnít find them. I appreciate the format and design of the site because it is very user friendly. Thank you, dMarie for making it easy and enjoyable to surf on your site.

I love the different boards on dMarie. I have enjoyed four separate boards for separate reasons. I enjoy the challenge board because it inspires me to get goals set and completed. I visit the healthy and happy board because it motivates me to get in shape and be healthier. I like the secret pal board because I love the intrigue of guessing whoís who and I like to exchange messages with new buddies I am getting to know. I relish my time at picture me because I get so many ideas, thoughts, and insights, not just about scrapping but about everyday life. I try to find time each day to visit all these boards because they fulfill different aspects and needs in my life. I appreciate that dMarie has all these boards to fill their separate purposes.

Lastly, I really enjoy the people at dMarie. I have gotten to know so many new people from across the country and even outside the country who I really enjoy. It is such a positive place to go, I guess that is the key. I know I am not going to get ripped apart for asking a silly question or suggesting a different opinion. I feel that the positive attitude by those behind the scenes (like Mark and dMarie) help attract the neat people who visit the site. I appreciate that if someone is feeling particularly catty and posts something not so positive, that it will be pulled. Other sights donít do that. Visiting another site recently, (the site my club is from) there were ladies having an all-out brawl. And it was UGLY. One of my buddies e-mailed me privately, apologizing for her board and suggesting I just try to skim over the trash. Well, Iíd rather go to dMarie, where I feel secure in recommending the sight to anyone, where I know nothing foul is going to be allowed, and where I know I am going to feel uplifted while I am there.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoy your website, dMarie! I have so many more reasons I could add to those discussed above, from lay-out central to chatland to dmarie direct. But three aspects I very much enjoy are the format of the site, the variety of boards to visit, and the people who go to and are behind the scenes at dMarie. Thank you so much for having such a terrific website.

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