Wednesday, April 23, 2003    


Scrapping is to me....

By:Leslee W.

Scrapping is to me....

At least fifteen friends I "see" every night when I visit the dmarie chatroom.

A Bond I have created with these ladies, no matter the distance, Australia, Cananda, just around the corner.

A unique way for me to express myself, and my love for my family through pictures and journaling that they will hopefully never forget these moments.

My sense of release, my calm in the storm, where I can be me and there are no rules, no boundaries and no wrong way of creating my masterpiece.

My light in the darkness when it has fallen in my life, a way to remember those I loved who have gone before me, and those who are here with me.. even if not at this moment.

The joy in the eyes of others as they look at the books I have created and seem amazed at how I work my magic.

My sanity from this crazy world and all the hustle and bustle. It is my world... the one I can return to, the one I can create... this is what...

Scrapping is to me!

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