Tuesday, April 24, 2001    


What I like the most about dMarie.com

By:Farah delPilar

Without a doubt, my favorite part of dMarie.com is the shopping. I love browsing around and buying from scrapbook stores, but it takes 30 minutes for me to drive to the nearest scrapbook store.

It's always a little disappointing to make the trip, only to find that they haven't gotten anything new since my last visit. At dMarie, I can check out what's new almost instantly and I don't have to take a drive or worry about what time of day or night it is. Also, dMarie gets new stuff in almost everyday.

It's fun to get a bit of a closer look at the items online than you do in the magazine ads. It's also a treat seeing new things at dMarie that I haven't even seen ads for. It's great how you can request to be emailed when an out of stock item comes in, with no obligation to purchase it. And it's good to know for sure that an item is in stock when you order it.

Dmarie has the largest selection of cropping supplies that I've come across online. The prices are reasonable and while they may not always have the cheapest price on everything, the professional and quick manner in which they take and ship out orders offsets any slight savings I've found elsewhere. I've been very happy with the orders I've placed so far. I'm glad dMarie's available when I just "have to have" a certain item.

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