Wednesday, April 24, 2002    


To dMarie or not to dMarie that is the question?


When I first came to dmarie a friend invited me. I was amazed at how many people came here. Then as I started posting I realized they would answer if they new. Being a SAHM of 3 boys, I started coming once a week just to see what kind of new goodies were being talked about but after awhile I got hooked I started knowing some of the ladies here and realized that I needed adult conversation during the day.

The ladies don't just talk about scrapbooking they care about all of our lives. After all isn't that what scrapbooking is celebrating all of our life, enjoying life, caring about those in it and remembering those who are no longer in it except through our memories.

Then came along the other parts of the sites. Layout central where you can go if you have a creative block and there are literally thousands of ideas to inspire to. Then there is poem place where you can always find just the right filler for your page. Then you can go to the friend finder and find as many new friends as you want.

After all the dmarie ladies love to meet. Last but not least there is dmarie direct that is always there when money is burning a hole in your pocket and needs to be spent on something recomended. So to the question "To dMarie or not to dMarie?" thats not even a question duhhh!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Addicted to, by Jackie Ortgies

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