Sunday, April 25, 1999    


My New-found Hobby


First, I'll apologize for my poor spelling and typing skills 8*)!! I have just recently began scrapbooking. It was something I was hesitant to start, because my image of scrapbooking were kindergarten-type books. After I went to San Jose, CA with my husband, I became introduced to scrapbooking as a true art form.

As most of you from the eastern US can relate to, scrapbooking has only just begun to catch on here. You westerners are pros at this stuff and I got to appreciate what you could do. I don't do scrapbooking as a religous pursuit, but as Oprah Winfry has recently begun to promote, it feeds my spirit. I have noticed I am more interested in my family and our structure, habits, traditions, history, etc. since pursuing scrapbooking.

It has also helped me in further developing my relationship with my family, since I have started archiving my chilhood pictures and early pictures of my family. I now have an "excuse" to ask my family members what they were doing, how they felt, etc.all for the art of journaling. I also hope to get some of my husband's early photos and further develop my relationship with his family. I also think about the future of my family as I work on my scrapbook.

I don't have children, but often wonder what the pages will say to my children and grandchildren when my husband and I start a family. However, despite all the archival reasons I do scrapbooking, I also do it just for fun and as a release. I have several pages of my pet family (Phoebe, my dog and Elton, my cat) that I think are too cute, not because I'm a great scrapbooker, but becasue I have such cute, perfect, little subjects!

I just resigned from a very stressful job after having a car accident and totalling my car. If it weren't for scrapbooking and a great family (furry ones too), I probably would not have survived the job as long as I did nor the wreck! So, I thank scrapbooking and all the wonderful fellow scrapbookers out there that I've met for helping me be a better, well-rounded person!

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