Tuesday, April 25, 2000    


More than preserving pictures

By:Kimberly Ulibarri

I love scrapbooking for many different reasons, some important, some not. Of course the primary reason is that I am preserving pictures of my precious little girls' lives so that they are able to look back and see where they have come from, and what memories and family events have shaped their lives. I want to be able to look back too, and remember the sweet little babies they were, the adorable toddlers they grew into, and so on.
I must admit that another reason I love scrapbooking is the vast amount of supplies available. I enjoy pondering over which colors of cardstock to buy, which patterned papers I like best, which tools I can get the most use out of.
I love scrapbooking also, because so many others love it too. I feel like part of a special "club" of people who share my enjoyment of this art form.
I love scrapbooking because I do see it as an art form. I am not only preserving pictures and journaling memories, I am creating unique handcrafted scrapbook pages that are an expression of myself: which colors and styles I like, which embellishments I enjoy looking at and using. My daughters will know a little bit more about me by how I put together a page. Scrapbooking is a very important creative outlet for me.

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