Thursday, April 27, 2000    


The importance of Scrapbooking

By:Dawn I

Now that I am older and have a son of my own, I have learned how important scrapbooking is. I remember as a child always talking pictures at family reunions, relative houses and at the different holidays. I also remember after getting the pictures back from the developer and looking at them, the photos were just put in a box. After years have gone by and relatives have passed, my cousins and I get together and look at photos of us and our grandparents and friends of theirs together at a gathering and are unable to identify the who are in these photos. It is very disappointing to us since some of these times are milestones in our lives. How we all wish that someone would have written a date, a place, or a just a few simple lines on the back to tell who was in these pictures. But we rely on our parents, and older aunts and uncles to solve this photo mystery. My son will look at some of these photos and ask questions and I am unable to answer his questions. I feel that this is part of his heritage also that has a blank space in it as well as in mine. My husband and I will be married this year for 15 years and our son is 7. Since I have gone thru so many years of unanswered questions on relatives, I have vowed not only to myself but to also my husband to always take photos, and always jot down a brief summary of the date, the location and who was there. I don't want my son to go thru the same thing that I have gone thru all of these years. I guess that the one thing that my son can say about me is " My mom should have owned stock in Kodak film ". When taking photos of family members please not only think of your own family but of family members and friends in the years to come. Scrapbooking is not only the documentation of photos but also part of our heritage.

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