Wednesday, April 28, 1999    


Scrapbooking Has Changed My Life!

By:Theresa S.

Scrapbooking has changed my life in so many ways that I hardly know where to begin. I no longer have any "disposable income." Whatever spare cash I have, including all my spare changed, goes toward feeding the "habit." My friends and family cover their faces when they see me coming, crying, "No pictures, please!" I no longer wonder how to spend my spare time. Television watching is a thing of the past, unless I find a new scrapbook video.

Visitors to my home are greeted with "Would you like to see my pictures of my granddaughter," and then are presented with an album to peruse. I no longer do counted cross stitch, plastic canvas, crochet, or sewing-all spare time is devoted to my new occupation. My children always know where to find me-I am either at the scrapping table, at the computer talking about scrapping, or at the store buying scrapping supplies.

The scrapbook "table" seems to be growing at an alarming rate, taking over a few more cubic feet of storage on a nearly daily basis. On the brighter side, though, my pictures and memorabilia are now organized in chronological order, and at least half of them are already safely and creatively stored in photo albums. Each of my five children is the proud possessor of a set of albums telling the story of their life to the present time.

Several of my friends and family are the delighted recipients of gift albums, with promises of more pages to come on a regular basis. I have met a whole new group of really terrific and interesting people, and wonderful friends. I am the envy of friends who have not yet been bitten by the scrapping bug, and wish they had organized and creative photo albums for their families.

I no longer have boxed of exposed film waiting to be developed someday, but take photos and then get the film developed on a regular and frequent basis. And, best of all, I now have a wonderful story of our family to hand down to future generations!

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