Friday, April 28, 2000    


Scrapbooking Has Changed My LIfe!

By:Amy R.

Scrapbooking has truly changed my life!! Before I discovered scrapbooking I thought I had made the most out of recording my life and my son's life and childhood. Now I
realize just how much I missed. I am only thankful I found
this way of life when I did. Not only has it changed the way I take pictures, but it has changed the way I look at the events that happen in my day to day life! Before, I just took "pictures"...but now I take memories. I take pictures that have a meaning to them, pictures that really say something. Sometimes, I can get very melancholy wishing I had taken pictures of this or that or even better pictures of events that have shaped my life. Now, though, I still record them through journaling and mementoes. I often find myself wishing for more time to scrap and record my memories... but I have come to realize, even then,I am making more memories. For through scrapbooking, I have learned that all of life is a memory. Every day that we are given is a treasure, be it ever so humble. I would one day like to thank the people who have given scrapbooking the influence it has gained. It has changed my life forever!!

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