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By:Donna T.

Coming home from the hospital on a wintry day in February 1997 was the beginning of a new adventure for me. I had a box of cards, pictures, artwork, and memories. This was to be a new beginning for me. I had not heard of the new hobby, Scrapbooking, but I knew I wanted to save these memories that had been so important in my recovery. Being in the hospital for one month had changed my life!

After arriving home, I heard an advertisement on the television that MJDesigns was having a class for beginners
in scrapbooking. Preserving my memories was just what I
wanted to do. Being diagnosed 10 years ago with Multiple
Sclerosis and seeing the progression of this disease, I knew I needed to get to work on my family memories.
When I arrived at MJDesigns with a box full of pictures and get well cards and notes, the teacher seemed surprised that I wanted to make a scrapbook of that kind of memories. So many people had touched my life during that time that I wanted to remember each one of them. That
was the beginning of my love for scrapbooking.

After completing that first book, I knew I was hooked! I
have completed three scrapbooks for my grandchildren, an
ABC 40th anniversary album for DH and I, a tribute album for DH's birthday, an album for DD's Christmas, and have a family Christmas album, a heritage album and a Texas Ranger's Baseball Team album in the making. I want to make one of my life so the grandchildren can know me before MS and a wheelchair. Although the little one love to ride on the back of my chair!

I have met some wonderful scrapbooking friends. The family that owns Lasting Memories Scrapbook Store are so
wonderful to me and let me shop over the telephone. A young mother who I met at their store encouraged me to journal in my scrapbooks in my own handwriting because it would mean so much to my family. The many friends I have met at dMarie's have inspired me, encouraged me, made me laugh, cry, and feel a part of this very special group.

I Love Scrapbooking! It has changed my life in so many ways. I feel I have a special job each day to save my family's memories and teach each one of them the importance of documenting events and memories for years to come! One of my greatest joys is my 8 year old granddaughter, Taylor, who spent a week with me last summer and learned to scrapbook. She has finished an
ABC kid's album, made a scrapbook for her mother for Christmas, and made a scrapbook of recipies for the lady that take care of her and her little brother white their mother is at work. This makes me happy to see another scrapper in our family!

At the Arlington SB convention last year, I had a sign on the back of my wheelchair, "These Aren't Wheels, They
are Circle Cutters"! I feel a smile and a scrapbook is the best way to meet friends and share a lifetime of memories.

Happy Scrapping!
Donna Thomas

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