Monday, April 29, 2002    


Why I like Dmarie...

By:By Loretta, Overland Park, KS

Before I came to Dmarie I hardly ever used the internet. When I started scrapbooking I found dmarie (I don't remember how).

I was instantly drawn to the chatroom because I've always loved 'meeting' people in chat. (Afterall, that is where I met my husband!).

I don't remember who I met the first night..but I do remember the friendships that I have acquired since I came to dmarie. dear adopted mom in NC, WendyC in VA my dear friend (that I am going to meet in May), Mags in adopted aunt at stinkie pig farm..*hehe*, Stacey in MI (my favorite scrapbook store owner!!), JovialJudi in NC, RobinTX, sue in aussie, AussieTrish, StkJock, Bonnie, Tamhood, SusanNY, LisaMI (my long lost sister). I doubt that many will forget the cyber drinking party that we had and a few people got so 'drunk' they were slurring their words..*LOL* The list goes on and on..I could type all day of the ladies and the wonderful friendships that I have formed since coming to dmarie. However, I don't think that Mark would like a 10 page essay..*LOL*

I suppose the part that amazes me about dmarie is that if you need a supply several people are willing to send you the item out of their personal stash or to find it at one of the stores near them.

I am a better person because of Dmarie. I have become a better typer (gotta post a reply before anyone else!!) and a better scrapbooker (all the ideas at LOC and boards). Dmarie has made me live for the moment and cherish the memories that I have of those moments.

The relationships and bonds that I have formed here are made stronger each day. I love each woman as if she were my own family. If I haven't talked to someone in a few days..I instantly become concered about her.

I suppose that about covers my thoughts for Dmarie. I think that Mark and Dmarie did a wonderful job in creating this website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Great JOB!!


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