Tuesday, April 29, 2003    


How scrapbooking has saved my life.

By:Jennifer Hogan

I am an artist, self proclaimed, sometimes paid for my work but not the best self promoter inthe world. I am a stay at home mom with four children ages 2,4,6,8. Two in school and one in preschool three days a week. Scrapbooking has saved my life. I miss painting, creating working with color. I suffered from post partum depression after the last child so bad that suicide seemed an option, though I would never do that because my father had when I was ten.

I was sleeping alot, angry all the time and finally put on medication, when I discovered scrapbooking. Something I could do and still take care of my kids. Something that would involve me in loving life again, remind me what incredible beautiful children I have. Something that helped me celebrate in color and creativity the dreams of my life- my family. I have struggled with depression my whole life and for those of you who have never experienced it is like going to the grocery store in a strange town and everything is in a different place.

The aisles don't conform to your regular pattern and worse, they have none of your preferred brands. So you wander aimlessly up and down aisles in confusion, spending hours and getting to the register to discover that you left your check book at home. I had no color in my life no passion, I needed a creative outlet, some vehicle that would yield immediate results. I started painting again too, somehow scrapbooking has given me the courage to do that as well. I started standing up for myself more with regards to my marriage and not being a doormat. I dissappeared for awhile but found joy in life again and me through scrapbooking. It has introduced me to amazing people who share my passion.

Friends that truely love me and I them. I am no longer on medication. I have just recently discovered this site and I love it. The sense of humour that you have and the quality of products you have! I am excited about your quote listings as well! I feel scrapbooking is important for my children because losing my father so young I have very few memories of my time with him. Those I do have are brought about by pictures. So I want to tell the story of our days together, the day to day, the special moments as permanent records. Time goes so quickly and family will change from this all togetherness all too soon. So change will come, and I will have my wonderful pages to look back on when I feel nostalgic.

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