Saturday, April 3, 1999    


Glad I saw the Light

By:Beth G.

It all started in September 1998. I was at friends house and there were four of us all together. The other three were scrapping away and I was watching tv. I said I could never start anything like this hobby because I would want it ALL. Well about 2 months later, I decided to take the PLUNGE. I have been sinking ever since.

I had to buy everything, and not one at a time, but all at once (so it seemed). Now, after 14 months of scrapping as a hobby, I have my my hobby my 2nd career. I have always taken pictures of everything, so that was not a problem when I began scrapping. Unfortunately, now I take pictures JUST to SCRAP them. I have my husband, kids and family telling me "This is a scrapping shot, where is the camera?" I have realized that taking the pictures is not enough. You have to preserve them, and allow them to be admired in a way other than in a "plain" photo album.

When I scrap - I relieve my stress. My husband never thought I knew how to "unwind" and "relax". Now he enjoys watching me as I am srapping our families memories for generations to come. I realize that I do not know very much about my grandparents and the generations before them. Sure there are pictures, but I don't know who the people are or when they were taken for that matter. I now know that in 50, 60 or 160 years my offspring will know something about me and my family and how life was "way back then in the old days". I am still obsessed about wanting and needing everything that is manufactured. I have calmed down though.

I have changed my "style" of scrapping abit from when I started, and of course I think every page I do has to be PERFECT, but more importantly, they belong in the scrapbook not in a box. So if the page is not perfect, that is okay also because who ever is looking through the book thinks it is. The thing I love the best about scrapping is the expression my daughters have on their face when they seem themselves in their book. They are always so proud of "their" books, that they show them to everyone that walks into the house.

dMarie has also changed my life. I don't get as much "other" stuff done, because I am a daily addict and cannot LIVE without my dMarie. Both Donna and Mark have a great site and the customer service is the best. Even if I don't win this contest, I will still be a faithful daily participant. I feel like I know so many of the people on the board. It is a nice feeling when I leave the site and get back to reality. I enjoyed having the opportunity to tell my story. It is one thing to think all of all of the reasons why we do things, but another to write them down. Thanks again.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: What scrapbooking is to me, by Christy H.

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