Monday, April 3, 2000    


Scrapbooking, Dishes, and Dirty Diapers

By:Jer, Clovis NM

I began scrapbooking 4 years ago when I attended a creative memories party. I have been hooked ever sense. Many people ask me how I stay caught up on my albums and the answer is so clear to me. Do I do the dishes? Yes. Do I change stinky diapers? Yes. Do I get scrapbook pages done? Yes. Scrapbooking is an everyday priority at our house. My husband and kids understand that it is something that Mommy has to do. I have chronicled the lives of my children and family in a way that future generations will be able to comprehend the joy and faith we share together. The spilled make-up, the Easter bunny dance recital, feeding the ducks. Every moment has been captured every emotion documented. They are treasures that I hold dear. I am so thankful that I was introduced to this wonderful "job" because I have little comprehension of a "drawer full of photos". My precious keepsakes are all bound in acid free albums that will last for many years. I see so many people that get caught up in having the perfect house that is spotless and clutterfree, but I have learned that those things can be dealt with tomorrow or the next day. The memories that are represented in your photographs begin to fade. I know that my priorities may seem odd to some, but I feel that scrapbooking is the one priority that will continue to give to my children long after the dishes have been replaced and the diapers are gone.

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