Tuesday, April 3, 2001    


What I like most about dMarie


D- is for the dear, dear friends,
I've "met" from coast to coast.
And for Dr. Pepper spews
After reading one of Tracey M.'s posts.
And I cannot leave out Dawna
Who seems to be my long, lost twin,
Or at least my city cousin,
Who'd be there through thick and thin.

M- is for Mark and
the time he spends
to provide a warm safe haven
for all of us scrapper friends.
And also for Michelle Rae
and all of her little punches.
She made me "Poop Queen" for a day
and for that, I thank her bunches!

A- has to be for A.J.
with all of the Survivor news
and updates from the Backstreet Boys,
N'Sync and Rosie too.
A is also for Annie,
(or maybe Bennie is her name?)
No matter what you call her,
The gal is one great dame!

R- is for Renan
and all of her insightful posts.
From Taco Soup to parenting
And her little "grand-doll" boasts.
Red Molly is another lady
who certainly has to be mentioned.
Her charming poetry and stories,
Deserve a publisher's attention!

I- is for Internet Mama
To keep it short, IM's her choice,
and her eloquent reminders
to create using our own voice.
I is also for intricacy
which makes me think of Helena.
She x-acto's these amazing designs
And makes it seem like a no-brain-a (ooohh, that was bad! sorry!)

E- is for everyone else:
Lesia, Kelly E., Snail Lady, Sophia,
Sarah, Holly, Anju, Pammie,
Some day I hope to meet ya.
And if your name's not listed here,
Please don't feel left out!
Everyone here has a place in my heart,
And heart is what dMarie's all about!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Pink Glass Elephants, by Mary Imm

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