Wednesday, April 3, 2002    


I Love Scrapbooking Because it's CHEAP!!!

By:Anissa Stringer

Yes, you heard me! Scrapbooking is CHEAP!!

Contrary to what many scrapbookers feel, I think scrapbooking is a reletively inexpensive hobby. Yes, you CAN invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars in supplies, but really, an album, cardstock, scissors, adhesive, and pens are all you really need to get started on documenting your life. Embellishments are very inexpensive, especially if you buy them on an "as needed" basis. And tools are something that you buy only once, seldom, if ever replacing them.

And if you take the leap into scrapbooking and leave lists and hints for family members, you may just find yourself receiving birthday and Christmas gifts of scrapbooking supplies. Imagine! Getting gifts that you actually like and can use! What an unusual thought!!!

While we're at it, let's take this a bit further and talk about the money that scrapbooking can SAVE you! Your best friend goes to a therapist 2 times a week because of her grumpy husband, howling dog and whining children. She forks out an outrageous $85 per session for a total bill of over $600 a month! And you? well, you scrapbook! Not only do you NOT pay $600 for a therapist each month, but suddenly your doctor tells you to skip your next three annual exams because you're just so darn emotionally and physically healthy! You've lost 20 pounds and when your surprised doctor wants to know how you did it, you explain that it's from getting up and down out of your scrapbooking seat so often to wash the acidic oils from your hands to preserve your pictures!

Okay, okay! So the extra soap and water adds a little to your monthly bills, but you also save money on clothing. After all, dedicated scrapbookers dress in loose, comfortable clothing to enable them to easily reach for adhesives, templates and other useful items. And face it, when it comes to loose clothes, nothing is more comfortable than those big stained tee-shirts and stretched out jeans that you wore before you lost those 20 pounds! Who needs a new wardrobe? You're a scrapbooker after all!

And that's not the only money you'll save as a scrapbooker. By scrapbooking you are actually saving your grandchildren thousands of dollars as well! You see, as a scrapbooker you are doing all of the hard work that a professional historian or family researcher would do if your grandchildren were to hire someone to learn more about their family tree!

Soto all you scrapbookers out there, I sure hope that your husbands appreciate your dedication to sticking to the family budget and working so hard at saving money! Now just imagine how much you could save your family if you could just find a job that actually PAID you to scrapbook too!!! Keep on scrappin'!

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