Monday, April 30, 2001    


Why Do I Scrapbook?

By:Luann , Las Vegas, NV

Hi I am Luann from Las Vegas, NV. I am 26 and I have been scrapbooking for 2 years read on to see my motivations.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to share memories and stories with generations to come of course. However for me scrapbooking has many daily benefits that are my true motivation to create and scrap.

Through my pages my friends and family are able to see what is happening in my daily life despite the fact we are all spread out every where. Just a few minutes with my albums or a page coming up on there e-mail and we are all caught up and wonderful conversations are started.

Stresses are removed from my life through my scrapbooks. As I create a page, card, or element I become focused and relaxed letting the day leave me and the peaceful happiness of creating fill me up.

Gifts are from the heart again. I am now able to use my skills and craft to make wonderfully treasured gift that shows how much I truly care for a person. I am able to give from my heart when making a special page, gift album, card, mini book etc…

But the most important reason I scrapbook is the bonds that have been formed and the bridges of communication it has opened up for friendships and growth in relationships. A crop gives us the reason to get together see what is happening in each other’s life and have long quality conversations in a short quick compact world. The most important relationship scrapbooking has opened up for me is with my dear mother. It has given us a common bond to build a wonderful friendship with.

As you can see I don’t necessarily scrapbook for the long term although that is part of it for me the biggest benefit is the present day connections with myself, my friends, and my family that have been built through a little glue some paper and a couple of stickers.

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