Sunday, April 4, 1999    


What scrapbooking is to me

By:Christy H.

My first experience with "official" scrapbooking was in Octover of 1997 when I attended a CM crop. I started that night with pictures of my honeymoon and I haven't stopped. Scrapbooking has become my favorite hobby, but it has also become my escape, a creative outlet, and an important part in documenting my family's history.

I love scrapbooking because I can escape everyday stress and use the "right side" of my brain. (I am an engineer by trade so I don't get to use it much!) There's no better feeling than finishing a page and having my friend's and husband say Wow! When I feel the need to "get away", I pull out my stuff and start cropping.

It has also helped me see life differently. While it's true that I take more photos (much to my husband's dismay), I am taking them of activities that I would have taken for granted a few years ago. It has helped me capture special times spent doing nothing.

It's also been a great learning tool for my step-children. From the family album, my step-daughter and son remember family members that they don't get to see very often. So it makes my sister feel great when she visits and the kids remember her! It has also been great for Katie who had a hard time with her alphabet, but is doing great thanks to her ABC book.

In short, I love it becuase it offers me something that I love to do, but it benefits all of us and I know that my family history is documented and will continue to be from the kids.

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