Tuesday, April 4, 2000    


Why do I love scrapbooking?

By:carol f.

I love photography and my family. The two of these blend quite nicely together. I enjoy my photographs so much more when they are in an album with identification. It warms my heart knowing that these photographs and story will be carried on to future generations. Unlike the photos that stare at me from my husbands family with no knowledge of who, where or when they were taken.
I enjoy cropping by myself but really enjoy
cropping with friends. CROPPING WITH FRIENDS: Since I don't sew, it is my photo-bee. It is a time when I can bond and share with my friends and remember the wonderful times I've had with my family and friends. It is fun to share and help others learn new techniques. It is time when I get a chance to be a little bit creative. CROPPING WITH FRIENDS OR BY MYSELF: It is a craft my husband approves of and encourages. Scrapbooking has come along way since 1993 when I began. It is wonderful having more tools, choices in paper, stickers and die cuts. It makes scrapbooking fresh and challenging.
I also love scrapbooking because I now think before I shoot. I take a lot less pictures now than I did before I started scrapping. I KEEP THESE QUESTIONS IN MIND: What will it take to convey the event? Is that just a duplicate and really necessary? Did I get one of each child? (I have 5 children, triplets and twins) Would a group shot be better?
We are blessed in this day and age to be able to share the special gifts of others by seeing there completed pages at dmarie. Thank you Mark and Marie for this fast loading medium.

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