Wednesday, April 5, 2000    


How Scrapbooking Has Changed My Life

By:Sussann Lovett

When I was invited to my first scrapbooking party, I thought "right, like I'm ever going to do this." Boy was I ever wrong. There isn't hardly a day I don't either check the dMarie boards & store or do some sort of scrap related work. It has given me a creative outlet for a less than creative person. And I have met so many wonderful friends through dMarie. I am continually amazed at how wonderful the scrapbooking ladies are. Thanks to Mark's addition of the Healthy and Happy Board, I am finding motivation for changing my lifestyle. Come this summer I will no longer be reluctant to have someone take my picture. I will be able to proudly crop that photo and put it in my scrapbook. This is all thanks to Mark, dMarie, and all the wonderful ladies who are there to answer my silly, inane questions whether they be about scrapbooking or weight loss. Or how to get candle wax out of carpet. Since discovering scrapbooking I have something wonderful to do when my darling husband is on the working on the computer all hours of the day and night. We don't even fight as we used to over the computer usage. Unless it's over who gets to use the internet connection. While I have no children to pass my scrapbooks on to, I do have a sense of accomplishment about them. When I'm 80 years old and in a nursing home, I'll be able to look back at all the wonderful things that have happened to me over the years. My memory may be gone, but my scrapbooks will remind me.

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