Thursday, April 5, 2001    


What do I love most about

By:By Sherri, OH

Wow! That question is alot harder for me now than before the football challenge! I used to just meet here and read the message boards and occasionally post there. I met some lovely caring ladies here, who just happen to be scrapbookers. I have found that when there is a need, whether scrapping related all the way to praying for someone, the people that are here at dMarie are right there helping each other. I would on occasion, try out the Poem Place to find just the right saying or poem for a page or to make my mother feel better on a tough day. There are so many poems on every topic imaginable! My mom prints the poems out and mails them to my grandmother sometimes too, which makes her day in the nursing home.

The contest has shown me that there are tons of areas here at dMarie that I was missing out on! While searching for these footballs that Mark scattered across the site, I found a charming area that has a "thought for the day" or daily inspiration. I found that I can purchase just about anything scrap related on the dMarie website. I found punches here that I haven't seen elsewhere and at prices that are great too!

I love the layouts section. I like the way they are all divided, so that when I need inspiration for a certain holiday page or a new technique, I can easily find just the one! I think the ladies here are so talented!

I know that I am now totally hooked and will visit dMarie daily now. I've always hated Superbowl because of not being a sports nut. Now there is a reason for it!!!! I know Mark has worked hard at dropping these silly footballs everywhere and appreciate the effort. I don't think the Giants want him on their side though....he dropped alot of footballs! LOL

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