Tuesday, April 6, 1999    


My Scrapbooks are Like Treasures

By:Sheri F

My Scrapbooks are like treasures to me. They cannot be placed and you cannot put a monetary value on any of them.

Scrapbooking has definitely changed my life. When my daughter was born 4 1/2 years ago, my Grandpa passed away 6 days later. It was very difficult being happy over a baby, and being sad about our loss at the same time. Two years later I began scrapbooking. I realized that I hardly had any pictures of my Grandpa and that I didn't even have one of him holding my daughter. I was devasted. As if that wasn't bad enough, I asked my Grandma for some pictures. When she gave them to me they were a mess. In more half of then, she couldn't tell me who was in the picture. When the picture was taken? Forget it,she had no idea! Since I couldn't turn back time and take those pictures I should have I felt I could do only one thing. Not make the same mistakes again. So now, I take pictures of everyone all the time. Every time I see my Grandma's I take pictures of them with my kids. I'm not always so quick to get the pictures in my albums, but I know that they'll make it in there eventually!

It is so important to document the lives of your families. Not just by pictures, but by words too. I also found that Journaling my pictures is almost as important as taking the pictures. You can't always tell what is happening in a picture without it being explained to you. I know when I look back in 20 years, I want to be able to KNOW what was in my pictures, but WHO.

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