Friday, April 6, 2001    


What i like most about

By:Joan K. Pocatello, ID

What I like most about

It has to be all the friendships I have made. I have been browsing the Internet for 6 years. I found dMarie 3 years ago when I was looking for ideas for my scrap booking hobby. What I found here at dMarie was amazing!

If I am having a bad day, I can log onto dMarie and be cheered up immediately. If I am stumped for an idea I can instantly get an idea or several ideas. When I canít find a product, I can find it here in dMarie shopping or someone will tell me where I can get it. I find out about all the products I have read about. I find out about products I have not even thought about. If my dog has hemorrhoids some one knows how to cure it. If you donít believe just post in Picture Talk!

I have been to camps and crops with people I have met from dMarie. I spent the most wonderful week cropping with friends I had never met in person last summer. We chatted and shared our work with each other and we are now lifetime friends.

I have had wonderful ladies from dMarie send me all sorts of things from baby blankets to artwork. Some of the posts in PT have touched my heart and really made me realize that there are so many people out there who are unselfish and caring.

These things are the reason I love

Joan K. / Croppy

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