Saturday, April 6, 2002    


My new friends

By:susan wilson

I love dMarie for many reasons. The most import reason is all the new people that I have met online as well as in person.

When I first came in I was nervous because of the fact I had never been in a chatroom and I was shy. But from day one everyone in the chatroom has been welcoming me and others with open arms. I have gotten help with questions when I had problems expressing my thoughts.

After a while I even got invited by some of the girls to come to a all day crop in Altoona PA. Sure I had talked to these girls and was nervous about meeting them but when I got there it was like we had been friends for years. The nice part was the fact that my new friends even invited my parents to the picnic that was the following day.

I have made many new friends here and when someone has a problem other than scrapbooking they are here to help out. Since coming to dMarie I not only made new friends in the chatroom but with friend finder. With all the help i have been given i am not afraid that my page won't be good enough and all that matters is that i like the page myself.

All the people in the chatroom also will help you whent you need that little something to add to your page such as a sticker, die cut or punch. They are willing to send you what you need if they have it in trade for something they need if you have it, if you don't have it they still will help you.

With where i live i don't have many places to buy supplies but my new dMarie friends are there to help me get what i need. Also i like the fact that i can order what i need and not worry that i won't get it because it comes quite quickly to my home. DMarie thanks for the new friend and family and a safe place to chat and to shop. And thank you to all my new scrapping friends for the help
Susan Wilson (susanNY)

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