Friday, April 7, 2000    


Why scrapbooking is important to me

By:Melissa Trice, Texarkana, TX

In February 1997, when I found out that I was pregnant the first thing that I started doing was collecting every scrap, every little bit of information that occurred. I then started going back to my husband’s parents and then to my parent’s to try and find baby pictures that I could make copies of. I wanted to be able to compare facial features, hair color, and etc. Well, much to my surprise, there was only 1 baby picture of myself and it was when I was approximately 1 year of age. I was completely devastated. How could this be, how could they not have even one picture of me when I was small? Upon talking to my parents, I found that financial difficulties were the factor in this. I asked my Mom if she had wrote anything down or documented things that happened in my life, the answer again was no. For you see, when I was small, there was not a lot of importance placed on preserving written moments. I guess they assumed that they would remember when things happened. Well, I decided that day that this would not happen to my child. I started writing a journal of everything that I felt and experienced while I was pregnant. I have documented everything in writing as well as in pictures. Hopefully, when my son looks back and starts asking questions like when did I start walking, talking, etc…I will have that answer and be able to show him photo proof.

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