Saturday, April 7, 2001    



By:michelle b

Certain things in life happen that remind us to live in the present but preserve the past.In May I was diagnosised with ovarian cancer-two of the most frightening words I think I have ever heard.As I drove to our home with my mind racing from my husband to our one year old daughter and back to myself-I realized it was important for me to make a major committment to scapbooking everything,journaling event as well as thoughts and feelings. Documenting things that I am not sure if I will have the opportunity to share.

That is why it is such an important part of my life.I journal like a chatty maniac-some things that I would have probably just brushed by are put in my journal and then in my scrapbook.When I get anxious about things I sit and read through all the fun things in our books.Scrapbooking helps keep the people you love close to you no matter where they may be-near or far.

So now I must go and scrap the perfect pancake party page with my angel.Yes the stickers will be crooked and upside down -and there will be little marker dots here and there and every time we share that page we will giggle about the pancake party and the fun we had scrapping it together!It will be a perfect layout!

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