Sunday, April 7, 2002    


Has scrapbooking changed my life?

By:Susan in IA, Cedar Falls, IA

Scrapbooking has definitely changed my life! Documenting my childrens growth, their birthday parties, their friends, their special relationships with each other and with us, their parents, is a joyful way to celebrate our family. Scrapbooking adds so much to my life. I can share my albums with my husband, my kids, grandparents who live far away, and friends.

I can share more than just the albums too- I can share my enthusiasm for creating these scrapbooks. I can encourage others who are creating their own scrapbook pages. I can show children how to make a special page with the pictures that mean the most to them. Teaching children's scrapbook classes is fun! Kids have such fresh, innovative ideas. They have shown me that enjoying the process is as important as the finished page.

I can share my scrapbook tools and supplies with friends too. I know that if I need something special,whether it is a certain paper or information on how to do a new technique, I can rely on the terrific scrappers on wonderful sites like I have made new friends at classes on scrapbooking. I've learned lots of new techniques and found new ways to highlight my pages.

Scrapbooking has enriched my life by letting me share my experiences as well as showing me how generous and talented other scrapbookers are.

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