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By:Monica B.

Whenever I think about scrapbooking, the first thing that pops into my mind is all the fun tools and accessories that are on the market that make scrapbooking so much fun. But, as I thought more and more about why scrapbooking is important the whole concept of scrapbooking took on a different meaning for me.

As I look back over picture books from my childhood, it is not fulfilling for me because although the pictures are there, the memories aren't written about. Some pictures I can remember a little bit of the story, but most, I have no memory of. As I work on albums for my children, I want them to be able to read the story of that fun camping trip, or the temper tantrum. I want my chilren's memories to be sparked by reading the story and seeing the pictures, that maybe they will be able to remember for themselves the story behind the picture.

Besides being able to remember the important stories of their lives, I want my children to know that a big part of the motivation for making their albums is in case something ever happens to me and I'm not around anymore. I want my children to have something concrete that I made for them. I want them to be able to look through their albums and feel of my intense love for them. I want them to be able to feel close to me, even though I may not be there to give them hugs. Their albums will hopefully give them comfort.

As you can tell, scrapbooking to me is more than the stickers, die cuts and fun tools to create these loving memory albums. The imortance of scrapbooking is to preserve the memories of our lives for those who come after us. My biggest motivation is my children, and because in the blink of an eye, all we know and are comfortable with can change, I strive to keep current on my albums.

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