Saturday, April 8, 2000    


How has scrapbooking changed your life?

By:Sonya C.

My husband and I decided we wanted to adopt a baby back in May of 1998. We had been trying to have children for 8 years and well, it just wasn't happending. A few months into the adoption process, I was in Michael's craft store having some picutres framed and I noticed the scrapbook isle. I thought wow that looks like fun and great for our memories, but gee, I am NOT crafty at all. So I purchased a few things and felt it would be a great start for a baby book. Our first child was due Jan. 1999. So I had dabbled a little in the months before, but when we brought our son, Jack home on January 10th I plunged into it. While Jack was sleeping I was scrapping. Well, 10 days after we brought Jack home, his mother decided that she wanted him back. We were devasted. So I threw myself into my scrapping over the next few months. It was quiet time for me and it kept me busy. Of couse than I was buying and buying and buying scrapbook supplies also.

Well, now it is January 2000 and I have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl, Amy Nicole. She is the light of our life. And already she has a 90 page scrapbook completed. I'm starting on book number two this weekend. Finally after bringing Amy home I sat down and scrapped Jack's baby pictures. I did 8 just beautiful pages. I feel he is reason scrapping has changed my life so much.

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